The universe is transformation: life is opinion. Marcus Aurelius

1. What you say when giving your opinion about something

in my opinion / in my view used when giving your opinion about something:
• Their concerns are, in my opinion, fully justified.
• In my opinion, the cathedral is one of the world’s most beautiful churches.
• In my view, the court made the right decision.
NOTE: Don’t say ‘According to my opinion’ when you mean in my opinion.
I think that used when giving your opinion about something:
• I think that everyone should be able to own their own home.
• I think that hunting should be banned.
NOTE: In formal essay writing, people often try to avoid using phrases with ‘I’ or ‘me’, and use more impersonal phrases such as in this writer’s view or in this writer’s opinion. When you are writing essays, it is a good idea to quote another writer to support your argument, rather than just say I think that … This will give your argument much more authority.
For example: As Hobsbawm (1969) has pointed out, the rise of the cotton industry created a huge demand for cotton goods.
in this writer’s view / opinion used in formal essays when giving your opinion:
• In this writer’s view, the present system is in need of reform.
• In this writer’s opinion, the arguments against using nuclear energy are overwhelming.
it seems to me that used when saying that you think that something is probably true. You use this especially when you have considered a situation carefully and want to give your overall opinion about it:
• It seems to me that there is some truth in her argument.
I believe that used about strongly held beliefs, for example about moral issues:
• I believe that the death penalty is morally wrong.

2. Ways of saying what another person’s opinion is

somebody’s opinion / view is that used when saying what another writer’s opinion is about something:
• The judge’s opinion was that she was fit to stand trial.
• His view is that consumers should be told the whole truth about the product they are buying.
• The general opinion is that the combined vaccine works better. (=most people think this)
in somebody’s opinion / view used when saying what another writer’s opinion is about something:
• The important thing, in Galileo’s opinion, was to accept the facts and build a theory to fit them.
• Criticism is quite different, in Barthes’s view, from ordinary reading.
• In his opinion, the portrait painter seeks to capture the moment when the model looks most like himself or herself.
be of the opinion that / take the view that to have a particular opinion. These are formal phrases:
• Until then, most scientists were of the opinion that these variations in weather were compatible with established climate patterns.
• Levitt takes the view that low prices are the key to marketing success.
have / hold an opinion to have a particular opinion:
• Everybody has a different opinion of what America represents.
• They held the same opinions on many issues.
• Voters tend to have a low opinion of politicians. (=think they are not very good)
• Teenage girls generally have a higher opinion of themselves as learners than boys,
according to a recent study. (=they think that they are better)
for somebody preposition used when saying what someone’s opinion is, especially when this is a general opinion which also affects their other ideas about a subject. For somebody is usually used at the beginning of a sentence:
• For Chomsky, language is an abstract system of rules which is used by human minds for transmitting and receiving ideas.
• For Vygotsky, social factors play a fundamental role in intellectual development.
as far as somebody is concerned used when you want to emphasize that you are talking about the opinion of a particular person or group:
• As far as he was concerned, the failure showed the limits of military intervention.
• The election was a formality as far as the ruling party was concerned.
from sb’s point of view used when saying what someone’s reaction to something is, based on how it affects them:
• From their point of view, the system worked quite well.
• It is important to consider the situation from the point of view of the ordinary man in the street.

3. To say what your opinion is about something
give / express / voice an opinion to say what you think about something:
• Other writers have expressed similar opinions on the subject.
• In his speech he was simply voicing an opinion that was held by many people at the time.
• The commission has yet to give its opinion on the matter.
NOTE: Express and voice an opinion are more formal than give an opinion, but mean the same thing.
make your views known (about something) to tell people about your opinions, especially so that they can be considered when making decisions about something that affects you:
• Old people seldom have the opportunity to make their views known.

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