The Listening Module is the first part of the exam.
It takes approximately 30 minutes and consists of 4 sections.
There are 10 questions in each section. You are given time to read the questions before you listen.
You listen only ONCE; while you listen, you can note your answers on the question paper. You have some extra time at the end to transfer your answers onto an exam answer sheet. A variety of tasks are used, chosen from the following types: multiple-choice; short-answer questions; sentence completion; notes/summary/diagram/flowchart/table completion; labelling a diagram which has numbered parts; classification; and matching.
Section Type of listening texts:
1 Two speakers have a discussion in a social situation, e.g. talking about travel arrangements or renting a house.
2 One speaker talks about a non-academic topic, e.g. the benefits of exercise.
3 As many as four speakers have a discussion in an educational or training situation, e.g. a group of students discussing plans for giving a presentation.
4 This is the longest section. One speaker gives a talk or mini lecture about a topic of general academic interest.

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